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Thanks for sharing. I have a Call context, but I like your idea of the Command/Control context for all communications, not just calls, but email and messages as well.
While I like the Command/Control concept. I might use that as a superset context as follows:

- Call
- eMail

The main reason for this is when I am out in places like an airport. To me, an email generally takes longer and is more thought out. If I have 5 minutes to spare, I might get one or two calls knocked off. I like having the separation so I don't have to scan each one on what I need to do. One of the things that David mentioned in his book is when you are in process mode, you want to be able to process, not have to think about what you can do at that point in time. To that extent, I try and keep my contexts pretty focussed, using the hierarchy to open up the spread.

In writing this, another thought came to mind. I could do something similar with Estimated Time. I'll have to think about that.