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The review is one of the foundations of the GTD method. Scheduling actions by assigning artificial due dates is not. In a nutshell, the GTD workflow for choosing the next task to do might be condensed to: if there's an appointment on the calendar, go do it, else choose the most appropriate next action from your available contexts. Repeat. GTD discourages scheduling long lists of items because they are unlikely remain correct for long in a fluid environment, and the time spent repeatedly reorganizing them could be better spent doing the work.

I agree that it would be quite handy to have the ability to make a due (or start) date depend on the completion of the previous task. My life is littered with tasks that must be done within a certain number of days of the previous task being completed, but there is little predictability as to when that prerequisite task (often receipt of some external stimulus) will take place. As a result, I need to be very careful that I always set up that new due/start date as soon as the gating task has completed, and frankly, one of the reasons for using a computer is that they don't get tired or forget nearly as often as we do.

As always, if you want to make a feature request, Help->Send Feedback in the app is the way to go.