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We're not going to require you to sync through the Omni Sync Server if that's what you're asking. Just like Ken mentioned in the blog post announcing OmniPresence, if you want to run your own server and sync through that, OmniFocus will happily do so.

(In our experience, Bonjour can be fiddly and difficult to troubleshoot when it doesn't work as expected. For that reason, we recommend WebDAV sync for most customers, but we're not removing Bonjour support. If it works for your setup, OmniFocus 2 doesn't attempt to change that.)
I got similar news from your support folks (outstanding as always), and all I can say is:


VERY glad to see that Bonjour is still going to be there (it works great as long as you don't fat finger the firewall settings and block the daemon!)

Running our own server also isn't permitted (our CIO doesn't like rogue apps running on the network, and there's other obstacles like not wanting to put personal info on company servers too). Trying to install WebDAV on our own laptops is rather painful to configure in a secure fashion (and far beyond the capability of most users).

Thanks again for Bonjour!