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The size of the line was most impressive. Many pedestrians passing by asked what was going on. The gathering was very nice, and the food was good.

The new UI looks great (though I didn't see how perspectives work viz a viz the new sidebar, and was told by the project manager that it's still up in the air).

I was disappointed that other than UI changes (and I would include the forecast and review views as UI changes), no other features are planned for 2.0.

Then again, Omni doesn't have competition with software nearly as good as any of their offerings, so the slow pace of Mac feature iteration on OmniFocus and OmniOutliner is frustrating, but "fair" in some sense.

I do have a suggestion to the team, as far as UI issues go. I'd like to see "Perspective Groups". Right now, I'd love to be able to have a perspective group icon on my toolbar, and click on that to drop down a menu showing its constituent perspectives. It would de-clutter the UI, and make using multiple perspectives easier.

Thanks again for the nice event.