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I'd buy this in a shot - just being able to view tasks due in a widget and being able to tick them off would be enough for now. I am happy to continue the review and major manipulation/editing on the Mac but not having a quick view of tasks on the phone is frustrating this day in age where almost all developers of any worthwhile apps are seeking cross-platform integration.

Tying yourself to one platform is great for ensuring quality and keeping your costs down to provide it, but ultimately, looking at the marketplace, it's heading the way of the dinosaurs to do so.

Then again, if you're simply happy enough to make a good product on a single platform and you make enough money then why not. I suppose it is the difference between a company that has a mission statement to "be the global leader in providing improved GTD-based productivity to the world" as opposed to "be the best GTD app on Apple hardware"

It's only companies with a real desire to provide a platform-independent solution to all that will put in the effort - those like the Evernote type crowds leading the way have a very different culture and drive.

Got to give credit to Omni for happily giving their strategic position and sticking to it regardless of the outcome though - now that's omniFOCUS :-)

Rainer - get this right and with Omni's blessing and they've just carved out a market for you to make some serious cash - GOOD LUCK and please do it quickly before I need to swap products!!! :-)