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First let me say that this is a lovely designed and thought out program.... however it seems to be missing several things that would make it really useful. Now I have only been working with it for a few hours so I may have completely missed some stuff. It appears that it is very good at reminding you what to do but does not have much to help you get it done.

There is no integration with address book. I attempted to drag a vCard to a call task with no luck.

There appears no way to actually link a file. Although I did stumble on an "x" that double clicking on gave me a warning that it could not find an attached file, however I was unable to figure a way to actually link a file or make a file a task. (I did see that you could add a pdf to the body)

Web archive. Much needed.

It would be great if right from a task you could add an address, phone number or a vCard, link a file or add a web archive.

I do realize I can copy stuff as a clipping but I really believe there should be a more elegant way. It's there and others have implemented it.