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Am I correct that Focus will only allow a link to a web page not store a web archive. If so I really believe it should have the ability to archive web pages. If you are somewhere without an internet connection all that information is unavailable.
Many of us think the opposite: OmniFocus should be a lean application that handles our projects and actions, while linking to programs that are more robust at storing the data that we use to work on our projects.

Many applications, from DEVONthink to Zotero, handle web archives. Why should Omni code web archive support into OmniFocus, instead of allowing us to link to those programs? Every time data is added to the OF database, it gets larger and more in danger of corruption.

And if you really want a whole web page in OmniFocus, just "select all" and then use the OmniFocus clippings service. You'll get the web page in your inbox.