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That isnt a great substitute for Safari's search, as you cannot then move among the highlighted search terms -- you have to look for them manually.
It does, hit command+g

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Frankly, my favorite browser strictly from a search standpoint is Firefox, because it's integrated into the browser's main window, and, best of all, when the focus is on the site and you want to search for something, all you have to do is start typing. No command-f and then using the mouse to select the search field, something which annoys me endlessly in Safari.
There's already a similar function that serves another purpose. That said, you must have installed something or changed something in FF to make it so you don't have to hit command+f. With a default install, you do.

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Yes!! Another vote here. OW's search feature is so 2000! It's way behind Safari and Firefox. Please bring this to OW!! I find myself switching to Safari whenever I need to use the searching functionality.
So 2000 eh? Safari didn't come out until 2003 and Firefox not until 2004. Safari had the same/worse find support as OW until last year. IIRC, FF got incremental find support with version 2 in 2006.