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I have a couple minor requests that Iíd love to see in OmniWeb. These arenít deal breakers or anything, but little things I miss from Safari that would just help with the overall experience for me:

1. The status bar shows whether a link opens in the current tab/window or a new one when hovering over it.

2. A progress indicator instead of just a status indicator. A little pie like the hidden option in Safari before 3.1 might be nice. The location of OmniWeb's status indicator is perfect, but it gives no indication of how far along a page is.

3. A search box that functions like the Inquisitor plug-in for Safari. It auto-completes phrases and brings up top results in a drop-down menu. This feature makes basic searches so much quicker. This is the single thing I miss the most from Safari.

4. Speed Download compatibility.