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I have a couple minor requests that Iíd love to see in OmniWeb. These arenít deal breakers or anything, but little things I miss from Safari that would just help with the overall experience for me:
4. Speed Download compatibility.
I don't why people are having compatibility problems with Speed Download. A long time ago ... nearly a year, I think ... there was a period when OW5s would only pass URLs over when they were on the same server as the link. But that was solved ages ago for me. I have no problems at all ... there are odd occasions on which text files that don't get handed over but it happens so rarely for me that I haven't bothered to try to think why.

Apart from that, the only thing that Safari has with SD that OW doesn't is that in Safari you can turn SD downloading on or off via the contextual menu ... but that's set up by Yazsoft. It's not down to the browser.