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Quite a few people (myself included) don't want OmniWeb to share cookies with Safari.

Otherwise, you couldn't use one browser to use one yahoo email account and the other to use another (for example).

I have considered adding multiple independent "Cookie Jars" but that will probably have to wait for 6.0--but the shared infrastructure is not likely to support that either.

As for the syndication services--I'm afraid I have been too busy with the WebKit port to look around too much... which apple syndication services are you talking about?

I did notice that Safari uses a PrivateFrameworks/SyndicationUI.framework and there is also a PrivateFrameworks/Syndication.framework, but Apple doesn't like Third-Parties using private frameworks and will occasionally intentionally break API in them if they find people are using them.

Is there a public API that I missed?