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Originally Posted by Len Case
Quite a few people (myself included) don't want OmniWeb to share cookies with Safari.

Otherwise, you couldn't use one browser to use one yahoo email account and the other to use another (for example).
Interesting to see how you others do things, thanks. I have the opposite need: there are several pages OW can't display but Safari can (probably a long-term if not permanent issue, as could be the reverse of course). Some of those pages are behind logins managed by cookies. It's quite handy to quickly check and is and a pain to re-log in.

You could improve your example by improving the selection of alternative autofills (though it's imperfect: you'd still have to log in/out manually). I have this with Citibank and Universal Card: the former ate the latter and now the autocompletion always tries to provide the password and uname of the former when I try to use the latter. Perhaps if there were a way to tell autocomplete "not that uname/pw combo; please try another". Then you could memorise both account authenticators and swap that way.

I have the same problem with those little consumer routers that always seem to be installed on networks at

As for the syndication services--I'm afraid I have been too busy with the WebKit port to look around too much...Is there a public API that I missed?
Ahh, guess I should have waited until August on that one. Good thing I tacked it on gratuitously to a more substantive message.