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enderwiggin: Could you please clarify a couple details? This is 1.0.2 of OmniFocus for iPhone, right? Which iPhone? Which version of the iPhone OS?

(As far as I know, we haven't had any other reports of this. If anyone else is experiencing this particular issue, we'd be very interested to know.)

I have an iPhone 3G and using the latest version of Omnifocus for iPhone. I have the desktop version of Omnifocus on my computer at home and at work. The one at home is using the latest alpha version and the one at work is one version behind the latest version.

Point taken on your experience. However, I still think it was rude and inappropriate of you to try to immediately try to disqualify me or my post without knowing anything about this situation. As far as I'm concerned if you don't didn't write this app or you're not an apple tech then there was no point for your sarcasm and you should keep it to yourself. I'm sure this forum would be better for it. As far as the technical side of your post..... This is the ONLY app out of over a dozen that would not allow the backup to continue. If it were a hardware or flash problem then it would do this with other apps as well. Also, from what I understand from the Apple techs the "sandboxing" is done to the entire 3rd party side. That's why if one app gets corrupted it CAN corrupt then entire installation and you have to restore with a fresh copy of the iPhone firmware. If you don't believe that call apple and debate with the techs there. One other thing, something you might want to keep in mind, someone who doesn't stop talking long enough to listen to others never learns anything. :cool: