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My husband (Windows user) and I (Mac user (yeah, I know, we sound like a TV commercial)) recently upgraded from Treos to iPhones. The possibility of using OmniFocus (which I use on the desktop) and getting my to-do list back into my pocket was too much to resist.

I am eagerly awaiting a WebDAV solution for myself that does not require knowing how to talk to the guts of my computer (I looked at that thread and said, um, no, I'm not even going to try that -- could someone write a script or something?). Until then, I am using MobileMe to sync my phone and desktop, and that's working just fine so far.

The question is about the possibility of getting my husband and myself to share an OmniFocus file -- so, for instance, when I go to the grocery store, I'll know what items he has added to the list, and vice-versa.

1. Is it possible for us to sync one iPhone to another?

2. Alternatively, is it possible for him to sync his iPhone to my MobileMe account?

3. If either of those were to work, would he need to buy another copy of the OmniFocus iPhone app, or would my license apply to the family?

For all of these, how would we actually accomplish this?

If it's not currently possible, consider this a feature request, some kind of "family option" that would enable multiple users in the same household to share a single OmniFocus database.


-- Aimee