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This probably falls under:
For this version, we are not planning to provide:
Networking or workgroup features

<IMHO>Project management software isn't helpful to me without web integration. If a client is at a video production house and needs to note something on a project, if they can't just connect with a browser and do what needs to be done, suddenly the app has become more work than it's worth. If they have to call, email... they just broke the communication chain of the project. If they're there and need to send me some files, but can't upload it via the web to the PM tool, I just added extra steps for them and burned their time on something that's supposed to make it all easier.

I've got a license for 10 copies of MS Project, and it's not even installed anywhere. Maybe I need to see what's out there for web integration with that and see what we can do. Or perhaps build our own. Plus, forcing a client to install software is not something I like to do. I don't want to troubleshoot MS Project for the client. Nor do I want to pass the buck and have them burn time with MS on it.

The stuff we have now manages the project. Assets, communication between us, communication between us and the client, timelines... are all part of the project. Building in a break in that is just asking for trouble.</IMHO>