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@convergent: Um ... something’s not adding up here ... Omni support told me that OF for the iPhone does not yet support Bonjour syncing ... unless, perhaps, the new iPhone OF is now available in your country’s App Store? Not in mine, Canada.

@whpalmer4: My comments were for the suggestion box. It’s not a big deal, as acknowledged despite my verbosity. But as for your question ... er, graceful failure ain’t exactly an exotic programming concept. If (!TryBonjour) then SyncError(“Sorry, no can haz Bonjour sync.”) else SyncMsg(“You can haz Bounjour syncing!”) I think the exact code would probably be different ... ;-)

From what some others said in other threads, you have to try to buy it new and it will be V1.1... and you won't be charged for it. But, for some reason it isn't automatically showing up as an update for folks that already have bought it. I bought it new (never had it before) and must have been one of the first to do so. It works like a charm with V1.1.