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You don't need to buy OmniOutliner to use it in read-only mode, and I think that's all you should need. Omni's policy is that you can use their document applications as readers for their files without charge -- helps promote their use if you can create a document with one and send it to someone who doesn't own the app!

Download OmniOutliner from the product page, fire it up and open the .OPML file you've got. Then select all the rows, copy and try to paste into OmniFocus. You'll get a dialog box that allows you to specify how OO columns map into OF data. There are some bugs right now (in OF 1.5, at least) which I've been writing up so it isn't quite trouble-free, but you should be able to get the actions/projects without too much trouble. The bugs I know about at the moment are that dates don't seem to transfer, and the cancel button on the dialog to map columns doesn't actually cancel.