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Originally Posted by SteveH
Given the structured nature of the document (i.e. dates, headings, sub-headings, normal text, tables, graphics, footnotes) OmniOutliner seems like an ideal choice but I have no idea how to begin.
Looking at the Sample Docs download I an see that it should be possible and could look great (the Sherlock Holmes example is a good example). Is there an existing template available or does anyone have something similar as an example?
If you need help learning how to do a specific thing with OmniOutliner I'd be glad to help. However, I'm not sure what to tell you right now. All the resources we have are either in OO or on the website extras page. But perhaps another OO users has something to share with you.

As far as the list of things you said (dates, headings, sub-headings, normal text, tables, graphics, footnotes).

The thing you can't directly do would be tables and footnotes. You can import save a table as an attachment but OO currently doesn't support creating tables. True footnotes aren't a feature of OO either, there are alternatives such as using the notes section but it all depends what you're looking for. The other things are certainly possible.

Let me know if you other questions. Good luck.
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