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I need a project management module. I enjoy using Omnifocus and I don't think anything needs to change with it. OF works on an individual level. I would like something that would work with OF on a company level that would start jobs, assign project numbers and maybe keep time. Possibly even a CRM.

The way I see it is that I could open a job and assign people to it. Those jobs would open in Omnifocus and then individuals linked to this would be able to assign their own action lists and then maybe apply time that would sync back to the master job. All billing and accounting would happen in Quickbooks.

I currently use Workamajig and am happy with it but it is overkill for my small company. I have also been using Basecamp some and it just feels incomplete in a way. There is so much more that could be added to it to make it an outstanding program. Also, with a monthly fee, everytime I add on something like Harvest my monthly costs would keep going up.

This is just a wish but by posting it maybe it will come true. I would be interested to see how others handle their workflow with Omnifocus.