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Because of the lack of connection between Omnifocus and Evernote, I have reduced my use of Evernote to non-project related clippings. If the clipping relates to a project, I just select the text and/or other media I want to save, and drag it from the browser to Omnifocus on the dock.

This saves the clipping and also the URL for the page to the inbox, and then when I process my inbox I assign it to the appropriate project and context, and assign dates as needed.

I use Firefox, so the clipping command key doesn't work. I've looked at the other solutions for FF here on the forum, but for me, its just as easy to drag clippings to the dock, especially since I get the URL along with the clipping. I do use the mail script and CTRL+C command key for transferring mail messages, or portions thereof, to the OF inbox. John

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