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Originally Posted by Clytie
I waste way too much time manually changing filenames on download.
Hi Clytie, in the meantime, here's an Automator action to save you some effort in the renaming of your downloads (apologies for the width of the image, but it wasn't very legible at a smaller size):

That is, launch Automator and select Finder in the Library. Select the Rename Finder Items action from the list of Finder actions and drag into the main window. You'll be prompted to add a Copy Finder Items action first as a precaution - up to you whether you do or not, but it isn't necessary.

Input the settings as indicated below then go to the File menu and select Save As Plugin... and pick Finder as the target for the plug-in:

Now, when you download one or more of your .po files and they are converted into .po.txt files, you can simply select them and pick the Automator action from the contextual menu listing when you right click and it will automatically correct the names for you by changing the .po.txt to .po only:

P.S. Don't call your plug-in .po.txt to .po when you save it (i.e. dot po dot txt to dot po) - this will make it invisible to the Finder and it won't show up in the contextual menu item.

P.P.S. This is the type of thing that Automator is excellent for.

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