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Just a quick suggestion to add to what others have already suggested: you can attach a script to a folder, and whenever a new file gets added to that folder, the script will automatically be run on the new file. This way, you don't even need to manually run the script: just save your files from OW, and by the time you switch over to Finder and navigate to the files, the names will have been corrected for you. This type of script is called a Folder Action, and you can find more about it in the Finder's help (switch to Finder, then select Mac Help from the Help menu).

I just checked, and along with AppleScript scripts, you can save Automator workflows as Folder Actions. For more details. pull up Finder help as above and search for "folder actions"; you want the article titled, "Running an Automator action when a folder is changed", which for me is the first article listed in the results.

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