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There are two ways to deal with 'energy'

1. Decide in advance how much energy something will take, mark it up, and then decide what to do later based on your previous energy level.

2. Look at a list of stuff, and see which ones you have enough energy to do at that precise moment.

Many people on these boards will argue that you only know how much energy you have right now and that you are not able to see into the future :)
In my mind, the energy level a task "requires" has little to do with how much energy you *have* at any given moment, now or in the future. Fixing my car requires a lot of energy, at least for me. Sorting baseball cards (something I haven't done since puberty), requires very little. Yes, you can get very fine-grained about this when you add a ton of tasks, but I feel like that's missing the point.

When I'm feeling really lazy & don't want to do much, I often try to think of stuff I could do while the TV is on. Things that don't require a lot of thought/attention: do laundry, pay the bills, send Dad a birthday card, send a quick e-mail to a friend, etc. Would be great to have a list of such things made up ahead of time & retrievable at a moment's notice, because if I'm really feeling that lazy, I'm not going to want to scan through a bunch of tasks that require a lot of energy in order to find one that doesn't.

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I would like to see the 'duration' in OF to be a bit more specific when I search, so I can only see things which I've marked to take 5 mins, 10 mins, without seeing anything else. It's actually pretty easy to guess how long something will take. Easier than imagining how much energy you'd have left in 3.5 days anyway :)
I'm not sure I understand... OF does have this. You can sort and/or filter by duration (aka "estimated time"), and you'll only see things that are marked with your chosen duration (or less). I guess if you want to see things that take exactly an hour, you're probably not interested in seeing the stuff that takes 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes (which could be a huge list). If that's the case, I agree with you. Would be nice to be able to modify the filter to be able to *only* see things that take "exactly" an hour vs an hour or less (both are useful in different scenarios). In my own case, if I can't filter my tasks down to a single page/screen, I often feel a bit overwhelmed & find it hard to focus/choose a task.

As a workaround, you could filter by 1 hour, then do a reverse-sort on duration, so all your 1 hour tasks show up at the top of your list. Not as great as having the "other" tasks disappear from your view (and thus, your mind), but still pretty good. Then just save a perspective to capture this view, so you can later pull it up quickly with a single click/keystroke. (I *love* perspectives!!!)

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