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Months ago I started a sinatra app to collect OF themes with comments and screenshots. Never made it public because I didn't finished it but I fixed some errors this morning and it seems to be working:

If someone wants to add or delete a theme please mail it to me at (the upload function is not working yet)
That's a great site, thanks for putting those up!

Like others who have posted here, I have omnifocus (and omnioutliner!) open on my laptop literally all the time while I'm working on my big screen. It's an awesome arrangement-- but the bright glaring background becomes annoying.

As such, I have been trying to come up with a good "inversed" theme-- light text on a black background-- since I find this much easier to look at. Luckily this is easy to do in XCode and Terminal (see attached screenshots) but is not really possible in omnifocus (or omnioutliner) because the little fold-up triangles and checkboxes don't change colors with the text-- they are always black, no matter what. For my needs, this is really the only thing wrong with these applications.

I filed a feature request for this recently (and one for omnioutliner several years ago!) but apparently it hasn't come up as a high priority yet... Is anyone else here longing for this feature? I noticed on that the first theme "transparent" is sort of inversed, but would clearly benefit if the checkboxes and triangle colors would match the text colors.
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