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Personally, I've been waiting for cloning since OO2 and this news is extremely disappointing. I've looked at other tools that include cloning but have held off because the other features don't work as simply as OO.

I understand the need to prioritise development and I feel that cutting back on features for OO4 will produce a far less compelling upgrade as including cloning and multiple schemas would. What does this mean for upgrade pricing? By dropping these features, does that mean that after waiting years for an upgrade from OO3, we'll have an upgrade to OO4 and then another when cloning and multiple schemas are developed, effectively having to pay twice for features we were expecting to see in OO4?

whpalmer4, I can't agree that the OO4 user base is as theoretical as the iPad user base. OO3 has an existing installed base and if the features are compelling enough plenty (if not most) of those people will upgrade.

Now, I'm still looking forward to seeing OO4 and I'm a big advocate for OmniGroup and own all of the products except OmniGraphSketcher. I'll have to wait for the feature list to see if the Pro version has enough features I need to upgrade to.