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We haven't gotten an answer from Omni yet, but I'm not sure there's any reason to conclude that these desired features not being in 4.0 means they won't be in some other version of 4.x. Look at all the features that have gone into post-1.0 releases of OmniFocus, for example. If they come out in 4.x, you won't have to pay any more than if they come out in 4.0. Have you ever looked at the length of the historical release notes for OO3?

As for the debate over whether there are customers for OmniOutliner on the iPad, did you not notice that the reason for the stated change in plans was the large number of requests for OmniOutliner on the iPad? The responses to Ken's first post on the blog had dozens, and I would certainly count it among the things I'll buy on the first day available, along with OmniFocus.