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You could create a task group and make the oil change and car wash tasks sequential tasks within the group.
Unfortunately, that doesn't do what the OP wants. We'd like the means to specify a relative start or due date based on when the previous action is completed. The oil change/car wash example is a bit unclear, as they don't appear to be logically connected to me. Consider a project to borrow and read a book from the library. You don't know when it is going to start, because the book just came out and everyone is trying to borrow it. You do know that the library's loan period for new releases is 1 week, so once you check it out, the action to read it has a due date that you couldn't have known in advance. And you don't know when you will be checking it out until you get the email from the library saying your hold has been filled and you've got 2 days to go collect the book before it goes to the next person in line. With our proposed relative dates, OmniFocus could handle all of this for us, without any more action on our part than ticking off actions as we complete them.