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I have to admit that reading the OO4 announcement has left me disappointed. I said long ago and I will say it again:

While I agree that it is far overdue, and you are correct in pointing out that many outliners have went by the wayside, OO4 better be good or it will flop. I have felt for several years now that 003 is ok for outlining but it has it's limits and could be much easier to format. It has always been clunky for me to work with. I started on 002
By flop today, I mean existing customers are not going to upgrade like one would expect. Waiting for 4.x to deliver sought after requests reflects the attention given to the OO platform.

OO4 could be so much better but let's face it, OO3 is looong in the tooth. It is no longer my choice for outlining and that is very sad in my geek heart because Omni is my top bookmark under Mac Software in Safari.

I understand the business decision for the iPad to get the software but I don't understand why it has taken this long to deliver the updates dedicated users have waited patiently to appear.

Yes, I have an iPad 3G 64 GB on pre-order so the allure to have it on my iPad is there, it does not overpower the disappointment that OO4 will be lacking with the new release.