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I know what you mean, but I never seem to have very long actions (... that's what she said).

It's vertical space I need, rather than horizontal - more items per screen, rather than longer items. Most of my actions are simple "Do this to that" or "See x about y", which don't take up much horizontal space.

This is certainly a minor thing, though, especially if no one else is bothered by it.
I absolutely agree with you on the vertical space. Smaller font, get rid of the boxes and do it like the desktop GUI, but that is only my opinion and I can see from the threads that there are those that like it this way.

Some of my tasks get a little longer horizontally so the added space is welcome. I also love the fact that the note (if you have one) shows up in the task display without having to go into the inspector to see if there is one there. I used to put a "@" at the end of a task on the iPhone version to let me know that I had a note in it - otherwise you would not know it was there. I just wish that they would make the note font small and display it on the bottom of the task after the context so that it looked more like the desktop does now.