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Interestingly enough, if you have a task that is due soon and flagged, and you have in the settings for the badge count to show for both attributes, it will actually show as a +2 in the badge count.

Ex: upon coming into the office this morning I had five tasks set to be due today. I flagged a couple, then left the app to do something else, and before opening it again noticed that 5 went to a 7. :confused:

I emailed this in as a bug and got a prompt response from a support ninjas telling me this is expected behavior, with this explanation "if a user looks at the badge and sees "10", then they head into OmniFocus to start working. What if they see "6 Due Soon" and "5 Flagged"? (They might start to worry that OmniFocus isn't giving them correct data.)"

Um... okay. If you take two sets that separately have their own values, then merge, you don't double count the unions. Basic set theory. That badge count should represent actions, not a count of attributes. If you have an issue with this would you please send them an email? They claim to have had a few complaints, which leads me to believe there's no current motive to change this behavior.

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