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I agree with brandall10. The badge count should show the actual number of actions that you have configured the badge count to display. If I set my badge count to show flagged/due/overdue items, and I have one separate action that is due, one separate action that is overdue, and one separate action that is flagged it should show 3 items.

If I have one action that is both flagged and due, and one action that is overdue it should only show 2 in the badge count. Showing 3 would be misleading and confusing. If I have an action that is both due and flagged, I'm still only going to complete it once. The badge number does not show importance or priority, you need to go into OF and determine what actions are triggering the badge count and determine that yourself. You can look at the Forecast to determine if it is a due or overdue action, and the Flagged view to see if there are any flagged actions. I personally use a Today perspective that gives me due/overdue/flagged all in one.

Based on my Today perspective, and using the method of counting all statuses (flagged/due/overdue), I could have 3 actions due and if all 3 actions were also flagged my badge would show 6 but my perspective would only show 3 actions. That just doesn't seem right to me.

I never notice the way this worked with the badge count since I have only set it to show due and overdue items, never flagged items. I only set due dates for actions that have a hard due date. I flag actions that I would "like" to get done today, but don't have too. This way, if I get a badge display on my OF icon I KNOW that I have something I need to get done today.