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I've been thinking a lot about how OmniFocus works on my iPod Touch and I have a pretty huge suggestion. Or maybe it's not that huge:

OmniFocus should sync with a web-based subscription service that you guys run, with the ability to collaborate and delegate even to people who don't have the software.

If I create a collaborative project in OmniFocus, I want to be able to e-mail my collaborator a URL where they can tick off things that are done, add tasks, make notes on tasks, etc. Collaboration is the thing that's really missing right now.

If I lose/break my device, or if I just want to be able to work on a bigger screen, I want to be able to log into my OmniFocus account on Omni's site and work from that.

I like the Mac client OK, but when I see it on the App Store, I have to wonder how many people are put off by the high cost. it's a big cost up front, it's got a learning curve, and honestly I think a lot of novice users would be pretty intimidated by it. I'm not suggesting you ditch it, but enable it, too, to sync to a cloud-based service. Maybe offer it at a steep discount with a one-year subscription?