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Thank you for you reply.

I see your point and I understand what you are saying.

You should not venture into windows OS if that will compromise your OSX development. However, I think you haven't lurked the forums enough to see that there is BIG demand for Omnifocus for Windows. You have created a FINE product.
I am sure that you could hire a team of coders to implement the same philosophy and functionality of Omnifocus for mac into a windows version. I am not aware of your net from this product or how big your company is, but as a smart business person you are, making the investment to hire a windows team to make this available for windows can only be a win win situation for you and the billions of windows users.

You are the omnifocus guy.. you should be able to GTD your way into windows and move both platforms forward at the same speed. :) I'm sure you can.. I'll be happy to beta test your efforts in anonymity and report to you only :)

I own a macbook and have Win7 desktop, many user deal with a setup from Work on windows and mac at home. Omnifocus sounded incredible, but I do most of my daily work on my PC, so it is not worth buying it just to have it on my laptop... hopefully you see the need for windows and are able to "adapt" your philosophy as your business grows and have excellent products for both platforms. Like adobe does. Take care