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I have just discovered Omnifocus and I am so disappointing that the owner of this company is limiting his revenue to only mac users.

I need to know a logical and economically sound answer to why choose to ignore the biggest market share controlled by Microsoft. Anyone?

Apple produced OSX software because they want you to buy their Apple hardware, so it makes sense that they don't want to make software compatible with windows, but Omnigroup doesn't sell hardware, so why not make Omnifocus mac/win?

I am sure the Omnigroup's owner's wife would enjoy a new Porsche every year :)

Adobe makes CS5 for win/mac... I really just want to know the logic behind Omnigroups's mac only stance.

1. Those that know Omni know they've been working with Unix based platforms since the days when "Going Windows" was considered a no brainer. Today you can make a whole lot of money and never have to deliver one Windows product.

2. Apple produces OS X software because they want computing to be something everyone can do easily not because they wish to sell hardware. Those serious about their software should be designing their own hardware to maximize the impact.

3. What makes you think that Ken's wife can't already have a Porsche every year?

4. Some would say that Adobe's software has peaked long ago and the fact that it's cross platform has done little to leverage platform strengths on both sides.

A decade ago the "but but Windows has marketshare" mantra would work but today it's about multiple devices in a computing environment. Apple is strong here with the ability to leverage your OS X product with the most popular mobile environment in iOS.

As Apple's success has risen so have the prospects for Mac only developers that focused their efforts on being the big fish in a small pond.