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OmniOutliner probably comes the closest to this. It's a general purpose outlining program. It has shortcut keys for entering today's date. So you could create a journal outline with your daily journal entry under a heading for the current date.

Thank you ... I'll check out OmniOutliner.

All completed items are saved in the OF database. An option lets you send completed items from prior to a certain date to a separate archive database. This feature keeps your active database small for faster syncing to the iPhone or other computers.

Saved in the backup database? I am unsure how to do what you have recommended. Wouldn't opening a saved (backed up) database do away with any new items added from the last back up.

The contexts are fully editable. You can set them up however you like. There are several threads on the forums where people discuss what contexts they use.

I know the contexts I would like to add. I am unsure the steps/process for accomplishing this. I cannot locate the edit feature in the drop down menus.

You can mark folders as "dropped", which hides them from views that show active items. You can also put projects on-hold—useful when you aren't currently working on them—or set future start dates for projects. For example, I have a project to plan a 50th anniversary party for my parents, but it's on-hold for a few more months until we get closer to the date.

I tried this, I could not locate the "dropped" folder. Where did it go?

You can run OF in trial mode for free. Why not give it a try?


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