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See File → Open Archive and File → Move Old Data to Archive. The Archive is a special database for old items. It doesn't have anything to do with backups. You can have your regular database and the archive database open simultaneously.

For editing contexts, see the buttons at the bottom of the context bar: +, -, and gear. You can also just select a context in the sidebar and press return to add a new context below it, or press delete to delete the context. Finally, the Edit → Outlining menu will let you arrange the contexts into hierarchies.

For viewing dropped or on-hold actions, you need to adjust the View Bar settings. You can turn on the View Bar with View → Show View Bar. You'll want to adjust the Project Filter (the first lozenge in the View Bar) to control which projects are shown.

The learning curve for OF is a bit steep. You have to be willing to experiment a bit to see what does what. Have you watched the videos on the OmniFocus web page?