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In addition to the 2 videos Curt mentioned on the OmniFocus Web page (watch these first), you'll also want to watch the 2 ScreenCastsOnline videos that are a sticky at the top of this forum. All of the videos are for versions prior to 1.7, and some of the videos are for versions prior to 1.6x, so they won't look 100% like what you will see on your screen. However, the concepts and commands are still 99% applicable so you can learn a lot from them.
Any additional thoughts on the following:

Finally, the Edit → Outlining menu will let you arrange the contexts into hierarchies.

I have not been able to accomplish this/figure it out..

For viewing dropped or on-hold actions, you need to adjust the View Bar settings. You can turn on the View Bar with View → Show View Bar. You'll want to adjust the Project Filter (the first lozenge in the View Bar) to control which projects are shown.

Still have not conquered this one yet.