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Okay, just lost a post to the web interface. Re-typing in a text editor.

Opened OmniPlan 2.2.4.

Created a new document.

In that document, re-labelled the one resource as "Grace".

In the Inspector, in the "Resource:Information" section, in the Address field, typed her e-mail address.

Saved the document.

Went to Preferences, selected Accounts. Hit the "+" button. Changed "Account Type" to "Google". Changed the "Description" field to "Grace". Entered her e-mail address in the "User Name" field. Entered her password in the "Password" field. Hit the "Test" button. Result: "Account verified".

Closed the Preferences pane.

Went to "Configure Publishing & Subscriptions".

Hit the "+" button, chose "Get free/busy times from Calendar server".

The menu next to "Server Account:" is empty. If I pull it down, there is only one option, which is blank-but-selected, and has a check next to it. I select it. The menu blinks twice and goes back to being empty.

In the fields below, under the Resource header is "Grace". Under the E-mail Address header is her e-mail address. That entire line is selected. The check box at the left is empty. I cannot check it.

I think I'm missing a configuration option, but I can't figure out where.