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I have set up a new project. The main person in the project is available on an erratic, ad-hoc schedule. She has put her availability up in a Google Calendar.

Going to "Configure Publishing & Subscriptions", I have created an Action of the type "Sync tasks to/from Google Events", and pointed it at the appropriate calendar. The account tests as verified under "Account Info".

I have looked at her Google calendar. There are blocks available on 03/04, 03/06, and 03/07.

I look in Calendar View within OmniPlan. With or without that person selected, selecting "Normal Hours" or "Extra & Off Hours", I do not see the available blocks of time.

What am I missing?


When this code was written in OmniPlan 2.0, free/busy queries weren't working the way we expected them to from Google (which is not quite CalDAV, apparently), so Google accounts don't support this kind of subscription. It looks like they've made some changes that might allow this to work now but we haven't tested it yet so we don't allow Google Calendar to appear as an option under Free/Busy.

For now, I suggest setting up iCal to subscribe to Google Calendar to download all the events. Then in OmniPlan, create an "offtime/overtime from iCal calendar" publishing action in the Publishing & Subscriptions panel and subscribe to the iCal calendar that was created when you linked your Google Calendar account. Now you'll be able to take those events from Google Calendar that appear in iCal and map them to your resource's off hours or overtime hours. You can repeat this process if you need to connect to multiple Google Calendar accounts for different resources.