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I have a feature request.

It would be cool if there was a way to share the files I make with Omni Outliner. What I do now when I want to share what I have written is expand every level and export it as a PDF. I would like to be able to give someone a fully collapsed file that they could navigate just like they could if they were using OO.
So what I am suggesting is a way that I could give someone an omni file that they could explore fully, they could highlight and copy text, but they couldn't make any changes to it, they couldn't actually DO anything with it but read it.
I don't know if you could do that with PDF or maybe just a sort of freeware version of OO where its read only.
That would also be a cool way to show off the program. If I could share things that way I wouldn't be surprised if my friends bought the program after having a chance to explore the files I created with it.