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We talk a lot about the merits of individual features, but what you guys think of OmniFocus as a whole? What is the best feature? What is your biggest boondoggle or usability issue?

Best thing: I love how easy OF is to jump into, or integrate into a preexisting system. I tried iGTD and was frustrated very quickly by how much information it shoved in my face, the focus was always on the individual task selected, and not the list of tasks available. OF is only as involved as I want to be, and it's easy to ignore any attribute I'm not using (time estimates, i.e.) even when it's active.

Worst thing: The way searching and the viewbar interact is incredibly frustrating. If I search for a task that I know is in OF, but it doesn't show up, I panic. A minute later, I realize it's because the view bar is filtering out the task I'm looking for. Then I go back to look at something else, this time via context or project, but now everything is gone, and panic again. And another minute later I realize the search is still active. This is a constant trip-up for me, whenever I use the search function.