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i don't like how (for many configurations that i use) the filter selections look like they are column headers for the data in the project/task window (on the right) but aren't. the reason for this is obvious: these drop-down buttons show their current selected value, and for most of them, the allowed values are the same as the field names of the data being displayed.

on a related note, i also don't like how the project/task window (on the right) is tabular data, but does not display any column headers and does not provide the intuitive tabular data management features (like click on the top of a column to sort by the column, resize columns, drag columns around to reorder, etc.)

proposed solutions: a) put some more distinct visual "break" between the filter buttons and the project/task list window or move the filter buttons to their own inspector pane or something. b) make the task/project list look/act more like a normal list (with a header row).