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I've been working on this for several hours now with no success. As other threads have suggested, I've opened an account with swissdisk, but have not been able to initiate an initial sync with either my mac, or iphone.

Just cancelled mobileme and am anxious to resume syncing OF between my devices. Can someone give me some suggestions or point me to a thread that gives specific steps. I've scanned most of the threads relating to this issue and have not found anything specific to get me passed this problem.

the complete error code states:
Unable to perform WebDAV operation
The disk returned "fobidden" (403) in response to reqeust to "MKCOL/4louiei/OmniFocus.ofocus-copy-in-progress-a-EjHfQnQlm"

I'm entering my swissdisk unsername and password as requested and receiving the error code above.

Also, is dropbox an acceptable alternative as long as you sync before switching to another device (ie. from mac to phone)?

Thanks for any help you can give me.

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