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I keep being asked if I want to create a folder at the location, despite the folder already existing, and after it opens the main project folder (in my case "Experiments"). It doesn't seem to mater what the project title is, it can't find it. Even when I copied the folder name from the finder and pasted it into omnifocus.

My main experiments folder is located on my iDisk (I know, it's days there are numbered). I downloaded the script from the University website. Here are the modifications I've made to the script:

set projectsFolderName to "Experiments" -- name for main projects folder
set projectsPath to "/Volumes/crmarvin42/Documents/UMN/" -- path to main projects folder
I've tried multiple variations on the path such as leaving off the last "/", having it end with Experiments, replacing "/" with ":", etc. with no luck. I've tinkered with applescripts before, but am growing frustrated with this one.