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I discovered to my extreme dismay that you can not simply export a canvas to a VDX file. Omnigraffle simply does not provide the option of export only the current canvas like it would with exporting to SVG. Arg.

So, running backwards, trying to go forward, I'm wanting to create a new document, copy the contents of the original canvas to the canvas of the new document, then export the new document to DVX with the only content I want to export.

Unfortunately, there is all sorts of support for creating graphics, but nothing obvious for "select all -> copy -> paste". I'm stuck at setting the canvas name of the new document to a name of my choosing and copying the data over. OG wants to create a new document without even a place to put graphics (HUH?) and will not allow me to set the canvas name.

Apparently, I have run afoul of the gods today. I have angered them by asking to do something so trivial, when I could be creating gold from lead.

Can anyone save me from my Greek Hades?