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Are Global Preferences not working for you in that build? That's the build I'm using right now to post this message, and they seem to be working fine for me. (They should have been fixed starting with r199805.)
Yes, actually they are. I see that yesterday I was confused about how to get back to the Global Site Preferences after accessing the first one. They seem all right now.

Anything in particular that you're missing at this point? (I think the thing I personally miss most is a command to load all ad-filtered resources from the page, like Load All Images used to do in OmniWeb 5.)
There are no plugins showing up in the Plugins window. I donít know if that means that OW is not accepting plugins or that the window just doesnít show them. However, so far I donít see any evidence of anything not working because of a lack of plugin support.

You're welcome!
And thanks again.