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The comments from Ken here are much appreciated. Edit: haha, I notice the "and likely never will support them" has been removed from the threads title.

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Would you let us know which program you have moved to please?
I somewhat hesitate to respond since this is OF's forum after all, but i suppose I opened that can of worms with my last post. The answer is Organizer:Pro by TaskFabric. I'm not suggesting for a second that it's "better", just that it is for me. It's a bit rough around the edges with regard to the aesthetic design (which is also skinnable), but the functionality is outstanding. It has all the things I loved about OF, plus two things I desperately missed, multiple contexts and the ability to open notes about an item in a dedicated window. And the built in mind mapping feature blows my mind :D. It also works with Windows which is huge for me since I have to use Windows for Work.

I suspect there are plenty of areas OF is stronger too, for instance I haven't seen a way yet to create highly customized views as is possible with OF, then again I haven't looked too hard as the default views meet my needs very well.

It took me a good couple of hours working with it to figure it all out, I initially rejected it, so if you do try it I'd suggest you be willing to spend some time on it. Things I initially thought it didn't have were there, but not immediately apparent. I also found that the appearance and layout, even of the navigation bar could be substantially altered in settings, which allowed me to change things I initially assumed were not able to be altered. I'm sure there is much more to discover that I haven't even gotten to yet.

The company has also responded surprisingly quickly to my inquiries, I asked them why they didn't have a user forum and they responded they are creating one, I asked them about the one major thing I noticed was missing, that I could not manually set the order of tasks and they responded that they've received that feature request and will be adding it in the next release due in a few months.

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