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In GTD, a weekly review is supposed to cover all projects, on hold, etc, so putting projects in a 1 month review seems to fly in the face of.
I don't do full project reviews in the monthly review. I do look at my someday-maybe projects to see if any should be made active.

Most of my on-hold projects don't need to be reviewed every week. If they needed that, I wouldn't put them on hold. That said, if I need to "clear the decks" for a particularly focused week, I can always put some active projects on hold without changing their review intervals. By virtue of their shorter review intervals, they'll come up again soon.

As far as doing some full project reviews on a daily basis, I was finding that weekly reviews were sometimes not frequent enough for my most important projects. I suspect that the recommended weekly review is just a sweet spot that Allen recommends as about right for most projects. OF's review intervals allow me to customize the review interval for individual projects without having to think about the interval much. I can easily tweak the interval down or up if I feel I'm reviewing it too little or too much. Ultimately I may go back to full project reviews once a week, but so far like my new system.