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May I ask whether it would be possible to:

1. Search for tasks/projects by start date, and
2. Search for tasks/projects by start/end time?
One can certainly do searches like:
tasks where (start date ≥ <dte1>) and (start date ≤ <dte2>)
optionally including a time specification with the date, (the details of the time format will vary according to your regional system settings, but running the simple script:

set str to (current date) as string

display dialog str

set the clipboard to str
in the applescript editor should give you an idea of the default format).

In my locale I can, for instance run the search:
tasks where start date < date "12/12/2010 17:00"
tasks where start date < <dte>
and then respond to the prompt with:
12/12/2010 17:00


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