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As per eg

This feature mostly doesn't work for me ... but then, I am on Tiger still, one's expectations should remain reasonable.

I don't recall seeing any ADC commentary on how to do this. I do remember seeing a long and stringent list of stipulations to be met if you wanted your CA certificate to be distributed with MacOSX. shows some difference between signed and unsigned OmniWebs. But looking at the files, it looks to me like the CA that issued the cert used to sign OmniWeb was ... Omni CA. So what some Omniscient developer care to comment on this?

Does Omni have a code signing cert signed by some well-known authority such as Thawte?

Or did Omni use a self-signed code signing cert? It's something of a flaw in the technology if this can be made to work?

Or is Omni now an Apple-certified CA?

And, since I missed it, could someone either point me at the ADC documentation for how to sign binaries etc, or provide some pointers to how it's done? I'm building J2ME MIDlet suites with Xcode that get signed with a Thawte code signing cert; but then, a MIDlet suite is mostly just a single zipfile.